Sunday, October 30, 2011

Final NY Adventure Pics

The final set of pictures in Bill and Dave's Excellent Adventure.

From r to l: Heidi Leigh, Bill Carman, Gorrn Bphlatzz

A kickass Martin Wittfooth show at Lyon's Weir. Coolest pic of the trip.

The ultra-cool Society of Illustrators.

Metaphorical only. Can't imagine setting this show up for Serra.

The last subway trip back to the hotel. I may have cried.


james weatherhill said...

I'm truly happy for you. It looks like the show was a grand success! My wife and I couldn't make the trip.
Still, with hope One day we'll see your work in person, and with even bigger hope One day we'll display an original in our humble abode.
Until that day ~
'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'.
Really Happy for you.
p.s. - it does look as if you're on the verge of tears waiting in the subway.

Peet said...

Haha, the picture ofyou and the empire state building is hilarious. I see you had a good time. Great. Bye peet

bill said...

The trip really was great fun. Usually I'm ready to go home after a trip. I could have used another day or two for this one.