Sunday, October 16, 2011

Batgirl et al

I really loved doing this painting. Sometimes just getting a word starts an avalanche of ideas. Thanks Gregg.

"Batgirl and Batsquid Ride Batpug with Batbat as Guide"


Peet said...

Heej Bill, how are you. I love this batgirl. I really wish I could visit you and see the exposition, but I live in Holland, so it's not nearby. I wish you good luck and a great time overthere. Bye peet

David de la Mano said...

Very interesting work.

Kyle said...

zing! wish I could have seen it finished in person. however, I realize that having seen it in class in process is a blessing in and of itself.

such a cool theme!

thanks once again!

Debbie Palen said...

What a wonderful concept and beautiful piece!