Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Secret

I had the great pleasure of working with Rich Deas at Feiwel & Friends. This is a book cover for the US version of a British novel "The Little Secret" by Kate Saunders. I've included 6 of the 18 chapter heads plus an image for the back cover. The last illustration is a bonus endpage thing I did. It was a fun project and I am happy with the way it turned out.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mostly this blog will be for stuff not on my outdated website. But what blog would be a blog without some gratuitous bragging. This painting won a Gold Medal in the Society of Illustrators, NY upcoming Illustrators 50. I was able to attend the gala in May and am still reeling from meeting and talking with some of the people whom I have admired for years. Brad Holland shook my hand, is a genius, and talked about stock illustration, Michael Deas (whose paintings are beautiful enough to cry over) actually referred me to his brother Rich (and editor at Feiwel and Friends of Macmillan) and I will be posting that cover when I can, Hal Mayforth whose work always makes me smile, Tim Obrien who not only paints beautifully but bought me a drink, an extemely gracious Boris Vallejo, Irene Gallo one of the top five people with whom I'd like to work and whose blog is the first I visit in the morning, Steve Brodner whose drawings can literally change the world, and many more including cool young guns like Grady McFerrin. I could go on forever. Anyway this piece is only about 4" x 6" and is painted in acrylic.

"Fine Dining"

As if that wasn't enough these will also be included in Illustrators 50.

"Anonymous Saint of Animal by-Products"

"Ms. Dr. Doodie"


"Swap Meet"

And these 3 will be in the upcoming Spectrum 15

"I am Leavened: The Last Twinkie on Earth"

"Saint of Early Vices"

Of course I had to try out some hand-made watercolor paper I happened across.

"Assassins of Piety #s 1,2,4"

"Pious Bunny"
Surfaces speak to me in different ways. Some are on copper plates some on clayboard.

"Bomb Squad"

Sometimes I get to do illustration too. Opera and theater posters, CDs, magazine covers.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Start Again

Trying to start this blogging thing again.

"Test Ride"

"Made a Baby"