Saturday, October 15, 2011


Another image for the media blitz of my show. If any of you are in NYC the weekend of October 22nd, please stop by the opening and meet me. We'll talk art and life. I've attached a link for the RSVP. The President will stop by along with Brangelina . Well not really but my friend Dave will be there. A look at the work will be available opening day on the Animazing Gallery website.

But that's not all! If you order now you can read this interview done for Design Tonic Magazine online.

Interview for Design Tonic


Kyle said...

Best of luck, Bill. Hope you have a good time!

Petar Meseldžija said...

Hi Bill,

I would really love to come to the artist reception, to see your colorful gems in person and to talk with you…well, perhaps not about art or life (boring stuff, everybody expect you to talk about these things at the openings, especially if you are an artist), but certainly about women and sports. Unfortunately Amsterdam is not exactly around the corner, so I am afraid we will have to wait until the next year and the Spectrum Live show. I will meet you there.

In the meantime I honestly wish you lots of fun, pleasure, much success with your exhibition, and last but not least - good sales!

By the way, your new Batgirl painting is definitely one of these beautiful, colorful gems.


Caerphilly said...

I'm so excited about this show!

bill said...

Thanks Kyle.

Petar, Had I know that getting to my show would be such a problem I would have sent my personal jet to pick you up. Sadly it's booked to pick up Arnold Schwarzenegger who has been wanting to see my show. I look forward to Spectrum Live. Thanks Petar.

bill said...

Thanks Caerphilly, hope to see you there.