Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Painting Again

I never stopped painting really. Just all that other stuff getting in the way. So here is a very traditional, normal piece that you might see in Southwest Art Magazine or something. I'll get back the the strange stuff later.

"Rate of Travel"


Bruce Jensen said...

weird and wonderful~ i love it!

It was great seeing your show and meeting you last week. Much success!

Bruce Jensen said...
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james weatherhill said...

ingenious - a great piece, once again.

Bad Jones Rising said...

traditional color scheme also. I like the sincerity of it. I like all your stuff, traditional or not.

Kyle said...

this piece was so great to see in person as It had a very nice shine to it. everything was just so perfect.

thanks for bringing it in!

bill said...

Bruce, great meeting you too. And thanks, you know weird and wonderful don't you.

Thanks for the continued support James.

Bad Jones, yeah a little tongue in cheek. The only traditional I am is... well can't think of any right now.

Kyle, hope you guys still like to see my stuff in person. Guess if you don't you can just look away.