Monday, February 8, 2010

Hatter 4

I'm posting this because I love you. I am diddling with this piece too much. Adding and subtracting, then adding and subtracting some more. I was also interrupted with an emergency piece over the weekend. I will finish this in the next day or two or die trying. It really only needs a few things unless I start doing my adding and subtracting thing again. Guess I'll lose money on this painting but if I were in it for the money I would be doing someone's taxes right now.


Georgina said... it, love it, love it. As for money, none of us are in this for the $$$....we just can't help ourselves.

Anyway, keep at's wonderful!!


zero hour said...

its spiffy it!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh that looks wonderful Bill....

Anonymous said...

,,, No words Bill,,, amazing,,,

Mollie said...

he loves me... His wife....Mollie. <3 I love you right back!