Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Sure

I'm not really sure if this will work or if it's even worth doing but I am going to try and post progress shots of this painting for the Alice in Wonderland show as I go. Usually I post the finished piece with the progress shots but we'll try it this way to see what happens. I feel a little naked showing all of my marks, snots and goobers as I go but this is an important part of my process. The bad brushstrokes and "mistakes" all tell me something and could lead to beautiful passages which would otherwise stay hidden were I more careful. Anyway, this doesn't work quite as well when I'm under a tight deadline but there is nothing more enjoyable for me than this kind of dialogue with a painting.




Unknown said...

It's working already! Beautiful.

Tran Nguyen said...

Oh gosh, Bill. Your sepia hues and textures are just so very stunning!