Friday, May 1, 2015

New on Watercolor Paper

"Swiss Army Monocle"
Foolin' around with watercolor paper again. There was a beautiful loose state early in the process where I should have left it. Sometimes I just can't stop. Another Spectrum Live piece.


Kyle said...

I have the opposite problem it seems, Bill. I get too comfortable with the looseness, or even unfinished aspects of my work and seemingly never get them polished. I know that many artists do very well working loosely, but for me I think it is just because I don't quite know how to take it all the way, or I get bored with a piece.

At any rate this is a wonderful painting. It made me chuckle. I love the textures as always, and your colors always pop! Thanks for sharing!

bill said...

One of the greatest joys and concerns, when to stop.