Thursday, April 24, 2014

More for Spectrum Live

Though he eats through a straw, in his mind he is still the fierce apex predator and warrior.
Another for Spectrum Live. It's getting close.
"Once Fierce" with a few process shots.


Kyle said...

hahah love this one, Bill

bill said...

Thanks Kyle. Wish you could go to Spectrum Live.

David Teter said...

Very cool. Interesting the changes from underdrawing to finish. Making an appearance again, the girl from your Spectrum 18 Call for Entries poster, but with a new hairstyle.
Keep painting...

Marta Bartolj said...

Your work is really something! I like, I like, I like … :)

bill said...

Thanks David, I can't stay away from the redheads.

Thank you Marta.

Ryder Inkblood said...

I repeat myself everytime ~
You NEVER cease to AMAZE !!!
so, I'll put it thusly:

Mang! You Just Don't Stop Cuz You Just Can't Drop the Top Crop Cranium of a Stadium you call your head!
Thank you for your VISION!!!