Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spectrum Honors

Another incredible honor from Arnie Fenner and the Spectrum Live gang. This ad will run in the April edition of American Art Collector Magazine. Pretty great group of artists and then there's me.

And if that's not enough: "Shared Eyewear" has been nominated for an award in Spectrum 21 in the institutional category. We'll find out in May, at Spectrum Live, if I actually win. Really tough competition so I am extremely honored:


Kate Boyan said...

FANTASTIC ad! Your "Shared Eyewear" is so moody and unusual it looks like a winner to me.

bill said...

Thanks Kate

Petar Meseldžija said...

Congratulations on receiving a well-deserved Spectrum Gold Award, my friend!

bill said...

Thank you my friend, it was a fun evening.