Friday, January 24, 2014

Enter Spectrum 21

Deadline to enter Spectrum 21 is tomorrow. They are now taking digital submissions but if you mail prints the post mark for tomorrow is good enough. If you've never entered give it a try. it can be a true game changer. If you don't know what Spectrum is find out.
Spectrum Fantastic Art

I always choose one of my entries as a "sure get in piece."  I have been wrong more than once. Maybe this year I will be right with Fredusa.


Mark Robison said...

I would NEVER have guessed in a million years that Fredusa was your piece. Cool!

bill said...

Thanks Mark. Hope all is well with you. I was down in the valley back in October doing a song and dance at UVU. I tried to put out the word but missed some key people. I'll be back.

Tammie Lee said...

awesome painting

wishing you entrance to the show

good weekend to you ~

bill said...

thank you Tammie Lee

Mark Robison said...

Okay, my age is showing. The post at the top is obviously from the call for entries for the Spectrum show. I mistakenly thought it was your piece. (She did look kinda Medusa-like at the time.) When I saw this same post on my phone, the Spectrum art was gone and only the Fredusa piece was there. It was then that I made the connection and realized my mistake. Sorry for the confusion. Fredusa looks very much like your work. And I'm an idiot!

bill said...

You are an idiot so join my club. I think it's a little clearer on my FB page but I can see the confusion.