Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Myth

I won't tell the story now but uncovering this here to for unknown myth was a proud moment for me.  Meet Fredusa, Medusa's little know brother.


Kyle said...

this is a great piece, Bill! thanks for sharing!

Rod MacGregor said...

Nice work...when I saw Medusa written...I thought of jelly fish...the Medusa in Spain...and then I realised its actually quite similar in a way!

bill said...

Thanks Kyle, come back to class I need you.

That's a nice observation Rod. Of course I meant it that way. Seriously, I love it when people find things about my work, hidden layers.

Krista/Ruca said...

I always appreciate art infused with a sense of humour and Bill, you never disappoint! Great image!

Unknown said...

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