Friday, March 22, 2013

Sketchy Guy

Been awhile since I've posted skechbook stuff here. So here is some sketchbook stuff.


Moon Art Design said...

Sketchy Guy.... Self portrait Bill?
Kidding... love the sketch book posting.. I should start doing some of those.

Tammie Lee said...

i always enjoy seeing what you are up to and sketches are great fun, thanks for sharing.

Kyle said...

took my Wife and newborn to see your show today, Bill. Great show! I loved them all. looks like you even sold a few ;)

I was really excited to see the paintings in person. beautiful

bill said...

Thanks guys. Sometimes I feel like I'm neglecting my blog since I post so much over on FB. I've been trying to make a better effort. I've always loved looking at others' sketchbooks. Thought I'd return the favor.