Friday, January 18, 2013


Wow, been too long since a post. I'm not sure anyone still comes here since I have been posting elsewhere like FB but I'll keep putting new stuff up here. Still love my sketchbook so since it's been way too long since I posted sketches here we go.


Kyle said...

well, I don't use FB, and maybe I should, but I like coming here. thats just me though.

always love seeing sketchbook pages. I finished my one from the summer time, and need to start anew.

im ashamed that I haven't yet :( job searching and all...


hope you have a good semester

peet said...

hey Bill, do you know the work of Chris Berens? He's a dutch artist, and I think you find his work quite interesting. The way he makes his paintings is incredible. you should think it's all photoshop, but no, it's all painted. Idon't use facebook but my sons uses it, so I can follow you by them:) Bye Peet

bill said...

This just seem to happen quicker on FB Kyle. I've gotten some work from it too.

Peet, yes I know Chris Berens work. Painstaking piece over piece work. He is a patient man. I will keep posting new things here too.

Leslie Hawes said...

I love your art. An amazing vision.