Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Commissions

The holiday commission thing went so well that I thought, because a few said they hoped to get some cash for Christmas, that I would extend for one week (gotta finish some big things). I have two copper squares, 3x3, prepared (the square grid offers examples) which will be $300 each. I can do two or three of the small, 3x4=$200, 4x6-5x7=$300, drawing/paintings on paper (rectangular grid for examples. One or two word catalyst and off we go. 50% on Paypal gets us started, the rest on finish.


Moon Art Design said...

I love your art Bill. You make me want to paint again. I haven't painted in about a year as I don't have the room for it.

I have taken to doing more ink, watercolor & oil pastel drawings.

Hope you have a great 2013!

Petar Meseldžija said...

Dear Bill,

I won’t say “may all of your dreams come true”, because I know that some of our dreams would be disastrous for us and our surroundings, in case they come true. I will also not say “may your most valuable dreams come true” because if they are really important, these dreams almost always get old together with us and never come true, for they are the lighthouses on the horizon of our life. So, the only safe thing to say, I suppose, would be - Happy New Year to you and yours! Good health, much inspiration, steady hand, success, much joy and love in 2013!


bill said...

Thanks Michael, There is never a good reason to stop drawing. Happy new year to you too.

Petar, beautifully said. If I ever caught up to my lighthouses I think it would be anti-climactic. The journey is so much more exciting. All the best to you too my friend.