Sunday, November 25, 2012

Smarter Art School

This is a great opportunity for those who can't go and attend classes somewhere. It's an online program started by Rebecca Guay. Very intense with focused learning from specific artists. You can take the 13 week class from me or other of the faculty involved. It's a unique opportunity for me to be included with such distinguished artists. Click on the picture or title below for link.

SmArt School Mentorship Class with Bill Carman

I live on the fringe of mainstream fantasy/sci-fi, dip a toe into surrealism, flirt with symbolism and even occasionally scratch the surface of mainstream illustration…
A highly experienced college professor, teaching painting and Illustration at Boise State, Bill Carman also regularly enchants followers of his work at shows at The Society of Illustrators, NYC, and at numerous galleries throughout the country.His most recent solo show was at the Animazing Gallery in Soho last fall.In his SAS mentorship class Bill will be teaching painting and Illustration and bringing his own unique perspective and technique to the students taking his class.


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This is a great post ! it was very informative.

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Online Art Programs . Sounds like fun.