Friday, July 20, 2012

We Love Our Pets

Sometimes a quick study develops into something more. As I worked this painting on a piece of birch it started to do things that I liked. I worked a little harder and now wish I had done it larger.
"The Martyrdom of Nearly Saint Stanley" Long suffering lover of pets.

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Peet said...

Hey Bill, we're in america right now at mammoth lakes. Great fishing and hiking here!! We were at gallery Nucleus, great gallery btw, but I haven't seen original work of you because it was already in archive. We stay here for two more days and than we move on to yosemite park. Next wednesday we fly home again. When I got home I'll send you some photos to your e-Mail address, cause I haven't that right now. Greets from Peet. Btw, lovely work as always. Bye!!