Saturday, June 2, 2012

Idaho Watchable Wildlife

 As I look at my recent posts there seems to be a divergence from the norm. Not that I really have a norm. But fear not, some new paintings are on the very horizon. in the meantime I have just been working on a few fun projects. This one is a poster for Idaho's watchable wildlife. They haven't decided on a final yet but here are a few of the many possibilities I sent. Actually the first one, and possibly my favorite, is new but I don't think they want a bleed. So probably it will be a version of the last one.

On another note, the reason for sporadic posting involves trying to make things like Facebook work for me. I changed over to the new page thingy and am having hellish night mares. Just when I was getting a handle on how things work I change over and have to start at less then scratch. I'm failing badly. My Facebook Page or is it Page?


Caerphilly said...

I agree, the first one is my favorite!

Kyle said...

it's a tossup between the first and second for me. I like the "logo" for the first one more. but i also go back and forth between the rocks being within the picture and a bleed like the birds.

either way, very cool, Bill