Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Narwahl Rain Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles has created a really cool wooden puzzle of Narwahl Rain. It's packaged beautifully and really makes a quality gift. Check it out here: Narwahl Rain Puzzle


Caerphilly said...

I want one! Very beautiful paiting!

Val said...

We fat folks would not stand a chance in your world! hehe ;)

bill said...

Thanks Caerphilly. I have one and the family has spent many fun filled hours with it. It really is challenging and beautiful.

Val, Headgear is available for all sizes. Beautiful pens Val. Have an extra fine point?

Val said...

Bill, I wear my helmet on the short bus, does that count?

Thanks for the compliment, that means a lot comeing from you!
I am sure I can get an extra fine point, I have a connection with the Schmidt co. on Germany. Right now all I have in fine and medium.Will see what I can do.

Val said...

OK Bill, the answer is yes, I can get extra fine points in both the fountain pens and rollerball.

So? interested?