Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sketch 'em up

I let a week go by. Got caught up with the holidays and my new toy, yes I was surprised with an iPad. For those who know me, especially my students, I know what you're saying; he can barely answer a cell phone. Well you'll see. I'll make this beautiful thing work. But I won't read any books with it. Anyway here are some sketchbook pages. Should have another painting up soon.


Susan said...

LOVE your work. How does one purchase any of it?


Bad Jones Rising said...

Is the first guy on the right Anderson Cooper? lol f

bill said...
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bill said...

Are you kidding? I did this to test a new pen. So I grabbed a magazine, not sure which one, and there was Anderson Cooper bigger than life. Did the sketch very fast and the pen is great. Can't believe you recognized him.