Thursday, May 26, 2011

International Artist Magazine

I was honored that Rebecca Guay asked me to be part of a section on illustration in International Artist Magazine. It was particularly nice to be associated with 3 other such great artists and illustrators: Rebecca Guay, Eric Fortune, and Edel Rodriguez.

Here is what my section looked like.


floatingwoo said...

Awesome! I will pick one up so I can see it in print.Thanks

Kyle said...

very cool! congratulations! Can this be bought locally, say in Barnes and Noble?

Thanks for sharing

Peet said...

Thanks for sharing. I hope I will find this magazine in a store overhere! Bye peet

bill said...

You're welcome Chris.

Kyle you can get it at Hastings and I'm sure BN must have it.

My pleasure Peet. I hope so too.