Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Forgive Me

Oh man please forgive me for this. If I ever got the chance to work on an animated movie there would have to be a wise pug in it. This one, having been abducted and probed previously, is prepared with a probe shield. I'm sure I will lose all of my serious clients for this. Oh wait, I don't have any serious clients. Let's just say I did this on a dare.


Kyle said...

H A H A.

Love it. I laughed hard. Also I really like the half - tone affect you did there. (is that half tone?)

how did you do that?

nice one

Unknown said...

This is great! I for one encourage you to take an animation detour. You know Pixar's hiring a sketch artists right now...?

How'd you do this one? I can't tell if it's traditional or digital....

bill said...

Secret photoshop magic Kyle. I'll show you.

Eric-Pixar bugs me all the time about coming to work for them. They won't leave me alone. It's drawn with ballpoint pen and colored digitally.