Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Horn Envy

I Love Your Horn. A new painting on copper.


Ashley Armbruster said...

gross. i love it. reminds me of that story i wrote about the skinned bunnies who then skinned the girl who skinned them. funny. i need to redo that or something. yes.

Janet at New Moon Glass said...

I love all your art bill...but I find myself wondering just how your mind works. That could make a great documentary!

Harry Diaz said...

this is awesome!

Chris L said...

hello, wondering where i can contact you for price list for a painting order ( custom ).

or sponsorship in exchange of advertisement.

bill said...

Ashley-I know you love gross.

Janet-Every filmmaker I've contacted is afraid to go in there.

Thanks Harry.

Chris-Best thing is just to email me: