Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Favorite Things

I've been invited to be in a show at Gallery Nucleus called "My Favorite Things". I know I don't have time for this but sometimes it is hard to say no. Anyway this is 2.5 x 2.5 inches on copper. It'll be part of an ongoing series about narwhal rain. This is narwhal rain fashion. Faux antique narwhalrain rainwear is all the rage.


lindamay said...

love your use of color...and I'm sure I've seen you comment that you work on copper, but only today it registers. I would love to know what medium you use on the copper.
I ask because I am a metal worker who only recently began experimenting with pencils, water color pencils & caran d'ache on copper.
Your work and the colors you create (at least in the 1D cyberworld) looks similar to some of the effects I get using this medium and it made me wonder.

Kyle said...

very cool, Bill. What exactly is gallery Nucleus? is that local?

peet said...

Beautiful!! Love it.

bill said...

Thanks all. I use acrylic paint on copper Linda. Just layers of transparent paint. I'll post more on Gallery Nucleus as time gets closer. It's a gallery in SoCal.