Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Joke Things

If you've been looking at my work for awhile you know that I like to keep paper and scraps of things by my table, actually all over the studio, to draw and paint on. They are change of pace, little joy drawings to remove me from the depths of painting so I don't get stuck in one forever. I really enjoy doing them and they make nice little pieces for an exhibition. These, and many more to come, are drawings about joke and novelty items. I worked for a time as a magician in a novelty store as a youth. I still remember a shipment of rubber toilet turds. A great day for the store.


Profusely Illustrated said...

howdy bill! It's rebecca from your illustration class!! I just started my own blog and can't figure out how to work this damn site at all! lame. I also think you should become a follower of my blog. it'd be an honor.

great work as always!! see you wed.


Manuel Dupong said...

Thats a great philosofy you got there, i hope it'll work for me.