Saturday, December 12, 2009

Old Stuff

Occasionally I have people ask me, "do you remember the such and such painting?" Well this is in honor of them. I will make a conscious effort, I used to do it at the beginning of my blog life, to post older work now an then. This was a popular series at the gallery. Acrylic and mixed on old book covers. By the way this is an opportunity to say thanks to Perry Allen the former owner of the Basement Gallery with whom I have exhibited these past ten years. He has sold the business to Jane Brumfield, a wonderful Brit. I will continue to have a relationship with the gallery and also with her gallery in England, The Weekend Gallery. Good times in Hawaii Perry!

Horn b

Horn e

Horn ed


Robert Romanowicz said...

excellent illustrations, and I like them, congratulations!

Unknown said...

Love the first one...mesmerizing to me.

zoe said...

these are great..i especially love horn e.
happy holidays!