Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm in the Dark

I guess I'm on a dark streak. Doing the Rembrandt thing. I like where these are going and that can be dangerous. This painting is gigantic at about 8x10 inches. By the way I have a show opening at the Basement Gallery here in Boise on Thursday September 3. Hope to see all of you locals there.



C. Batista said...

Going through a dark phase obviously isn't bad for you.

Your stuff is so alien to my senses, I love it.

There's texture, shadow, mystery, and tangibility to your stuff. Partially from all of the little technical details I keep finding, partially from all of the little details of the subjects you portray that I keep finding, and partially because of where my imagination seems to wander off to when I look at your stuff.

This piece is no exception. The target on the face, the earrings, the gun with the tendrils coming out of it. Are the curly parts coming out of the barrel a creature or a piece of the gun? The target, is it symbolic of something... mayhaps a masochistic intent or something more depressing? What are the earrings about, where did he get them, and are those really ears?

Perhaps I think too much on your stuff... maybe not enough.

Technically, the image is very dark, a bit difficult to see at first, but I get the feeling that is what's intended. I see the unusual being first, then the gun he's holding, and it's only then that the strange things begin to pop out at me and make me ask questions. The burnt-sienna look to things makes me think of old film or photos, and the attire the character is wearing certainly brings back images of Fritz Lang's Metropolis for some reason; however, I hear darker music playing for this visual you've provided...

Unknown said...

beautiful!! Love the mysterious mood!

Eduardo Pena Chinorino said...

hey really creative content you have there,, nice to see your work dude

Peter said...

love your color and lighting. excellent, inspiring!