Sunday, May 31, 2009

Color Men, Guys, Things

OK, so those who know me know that I have been doing more comic sort of things lately. It's really accidental and not something that I pursued actively but it sure is fun. I finished this thing for a Yugoslavian comic anthology which comes out in September. Strange yet cool. I am putting it up here (click here or go to comic stuff in my portfolio) because it will be in Cyrillic, a difficult read even for me. On a side note I am still not completely convinced about the picture word bubbles. Someone pointed out to me that it is being done a lot, which clueless me had not really noticed. Not that I need to be completely original but after hearing that and then looking around it seems uncomfortably close to other things I see. So for my own well being I will probably update those word bubbly things.

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explotaexplotameexplo said...

Delicioso, como siempre!