Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spectrum 19 Pieces

 These are the pieces that got into Spectrum 19. The first one is up for an award. I think this is a record for me. Just goes to show if you pay enough in the way of bribes... Seriously, It's always a incredible honor to be included in such a great publication.


Kyle said...

That is incredible, Bill. Congrats!

Vanja Todoric said...

congrats from me also Bill!!!

still waiting to hear which ones, or more probably 'one' of mine is being included :)

keep on inspiring us!

peet said...

congrats Bill, you deserve it!! Always at work,thank you for your inspiring blog.
gr. Peet

Angelo B said...

AMAZING!!! your style is wonderful

bill said...

Thanks you guys. This is a record number for me. It's great that you all keep checking in.

Let me know what you get in Vanja.