Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Really Red

Different color scheme than usual but I'm allowed to do that. Artistic license purchased and renewed every year.
"Blue Birch Crown: The Objects and Symbols of Piety"


Monkat said...

I like it. I'm often afraid of using such "overpowering" colors. But the deep reds here really work. about this "artistic license," I fear I may be waaaaay behind on my official registrations. Does that mean I'm going to find my pencil box stuffed with over-due tickets and fines the next time I dust off the art-making supplies???

liz said...

loving the color!

Caerphilly said...

Those little guys standing next to her are brilliant!

bill said...

Monkat, Bright colors in this quantity is rarely part of what I do. Just taking a chance now and then. Risk is fun and scary especially with a deadline looming.

Thanks liz

They're smart too Caerphilly

Rick said...

Totally great. The red is wicked bold and works wonderfully surrounding your "normally" coloured characters.

On copper?

bill said...

This one is on Masonite