Friday, October 2, 2009

More Copper

I scanned this at home so I don't have much confidence in how it will post. Comment if it sucks really bad on your computer. When I get to my office on Monday I'll re-scan and do it right. Just wanted to keep up the illusion that I'm not lazy.

Here is the re-post. I also made this one a little larger if you click on it. You can see some brushwork. The brush does it all. I'm just a long for the ride.


Unknown said...

I like it...the scan came out good.

I love the way you emotions in the pictures are so amazing.

Jonna said...

And what size brushes do you use? Your work always amazes me.

peet said...

It's amazing how you use light! It looks like a fire or candlelight behind the figure in the front.

Oliver Dominguez said...

Amazing work you have here!!



Anonymous said...

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