Thursday, April 24, 2014

More for Spectrum Live

Though he eats through a straw, in his mind he is still the fierce apex predator and warrior.
Another for Spectrum Live. It's getting close.
"Once Fierce" with a few process shots.


Kyle said...

hahah love this one, Bill

bill said...

Thanks Kyle. Wish you could go to Spectrum Live.

David J Teter said...

Very cool. Interesting the changes from underdrawing to finish. Making an appearance again, the girl from your Spectrum 18 Call for Entries poster, but with a new hairstyle.
Keep painting...

Marta Bartolj said...

Your work is really something! I like, I like, I like … :)

bill said...

Thanks David, I can't stay away from the redheads.

Thank you Marta.

james weatherhill said...

I repeat myself everytime ~
You NEVER cease to AMAZE !!!
so, I'll put it thusly:

Mang! You Just Don't Stop Cuz You Just Can't Drop the Top Crop Cranium of a Stadium you call your head!
Thank you for your VISION!!!