Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boise Weekly Cover

In conjunction with my opening here on March 16 the Boise Weekly has given me the cover this week. I believe there will be an article about me too. Boring, yes, but who knows what juicy secrets
lie within. Come say hi at my opening. I'll post the invite one more time this week.

"Swan-Like elegance, in fact, may attract Sky Piranha"


Kyle said...

i'm going to make great efforts to be there. When you post the invite, please post what time as well. I may have missed that detail earlier.

I'm pretty excited to see what you've done.

bill said...

I've posted it here earlier and many times on my FB page. Oh, you're not a facebooker. Probably a good thing Kyle. The opening is from 6-9pm on Saturday March 16. I'll post the invite later.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Oh mercy...this has to be my all time favorite of yours. Wonderful!

Michael said...

I am fascinated by the propeller piranha. This is a very cool piece.