Saturday, January 5, 2013


Newest quick commission. one of the toughest words ever for a visual artist to use as catalyst.


Kyle said...

haha! well used.

JJacks said...

I...I love this. I wish I had something more substantial to say.

World of Peter George said...

I assume it can be quite liberating to have a two or three work brief for these private commissions, but how does it compare to your illustration work with a precise brief and 'input' from art directors etc.? Does it cramp your style or do they allow you creative control trusting you to hit the target?

bill said...

Thanks Kyle.

JJacks, that's plenty. Thanks.

Good question Peter. Most of the time when I get assignments now people hire me specifically for what I bring to the table. But I have to say there is still something exciting about solving a problem outside my comfort zone. I still love illustration because of that. There a so many problems to solve and so many different paths to take in solving them.

So the answer is that most of the time they give me quite a bit of control unlike my younger days but I still occasionally accept a gig where it's a little crampy. It still challenges.

World of Peter George said...

Good answer. That must be so gratifying to be relied on to deliver the goods without too much involvement from the suits.

Great work. The world is a nicer place because of it.

Kyle said...

A perfect example of where it could have been specific, but since Bill was given complete (i think) liberty was the batgirl painting. didn't they just say "do a batgirl Bill style"?

and it was amazing. who wants a regular Batgirl when you could have a Bill Carman version?

and that is one of my favorite pieces. Someday I hope to commission Bill for a he-man painting....that would be epic. Some. day.