Monday, May 7, 2012

Optical Allusions at Gallery Nucleus

Optical Allusions by Bill Carman
My show at Gallery Nucleus opens this Saturday May 12. The opening runs from 7-10 pm and I will be there. I hope to meet some of you who have been so loyal to me. So if anyone can stop by the gallery in Alhambra (Southern Cal) please do and introduce yourself. On another note, it's kind of fun to do these thumb grid things with paintings. As this moves down the links will remain at the top and side of blog for the duration of my show


Peet said...

I will stop by in july, I'll send you a picture to prove it:)) I wish you much fun this saturday.

Victo Ngai said...

so so gorgeous works Bill! I wish I can be there at the opening! Congratz!

bill said...

Too bad we'll miss each other Peet. I'll be looking for that picture.

Thanks Victo and thanks for stopping by.

armandcabrera said...


Best of luck. I hope the show is a big success.