Friday, October 28, 2011

New York Adventure

Just the beginning of evidence from my New York adventure. There are many more photos from the opening at the Animazing Facebook page taken by my friend Dave.

A few blocks from the Empire State Building and didn't even know it.

Ahhh, red dots. Not sure what they mean but I think it's good.


Why I was standing like that?

People in NY were cool and had more money.

Beautiful couple and of course wonderful Heidi my host.

We were talking about tall athletes and I brought up Peter Crouch of Stoke. His girlfriend then related a wonderful answer from Peter Crouch (a bit homely by his own account) when asked what he would be if not a soccer player. His response: " A virgin." Love those who can laugh at life and themselves.

Aritst Bruce Jensen. Check out his work. Great guy great stuff.

Chris Buzelli whose work I've watched go from good to better to great and then, "Wish I'd done that." Dude, look how big my noggin is. Large brain pushed out all of the hair.


Daria Hlazatova said...

Bill, congrats on your show!! wow, looks like a lovely space! Keep up your FANTASTIC work! x

thebasementgallery said...

Nice job Bill! Looks like you had a great time & met some fun folks. Lots of red dots too...obviously NYers know a good thing when they see it.

bill said...

Space was perfect for me Daria. Thanks!

It was a great time Jane and the dots didn't hurt either.