Sunday, April 3, 2011

Real Events

Drawings for a little book I'm putting together. This is real stuff you know. I did a second one with color just for the hell of it. Which do you like? I do the color things as sort of an exercise for possible illustrations.


Kyle said...

I Like them both. I don't think that I would just HAVE to have one over the other.

I like the single color one because it makes it seem darker and a bit more...grotesque? the blood is more believable

BUT I like the colors in the other because it is very interesting to look at. the values in the thicker areas of the blood/ highlight stand out more (maybe a computer screen thing) I also like the hue of yellow orange on your fella/birds

the words certainly gain more depth in the colored version, which is fun.

I think I would choose the color...but..gosh thats hard...that red is so nice on the deep and...bloody.

Peet said...

I prefer the first one. In some way it's more obvious. Bye peet