Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I pound my guys over the head about drawing from life. Draw from life to learn to draw. When you start feeling comfortable about your drawing abilities then you can use cool photos which people send to you to draw from. Actually in a pinch drawing from a photo now and then can help one learn but cannot replace drawing from life. Translation from 3 to 2d is such an important thing to learn and make instinctive. These were all done in different sizes with a ballpoint pen. I wanted to show what the line looks like when it is enlarged. It holds a beautiful texture and personality.

Perhaps add a little color

In a pinch you can make an illustration from your drawings. I just used the "nose bleed" illustration filter in photoshop and this is ready to send off to the client.


peet said...

thank you, thank you for your lessons. I have a new sketchbook and one week vacation ( we will go to the south of france) and the only thing I shall do is drawing from life! Bye Peet

Ana Cristina Dias said...

bom trabalho. parabens