Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shark Fin Soup

It's amazing what we can talk ourselves into. Who was the first person to actually say, "Hey let's try making a a soup out of the fin on the back of that fish with the huge teeth and black eyes." The fin has no taste, no medicinal properties, and no magic. Leave the sharks alone. It would be cool though if occasionally they forgot to cut off the fin and left the whole fish in the bowl.


cm said...

Yes, indeed. Some see things way too seriously and miss the actual point. (Is he serious? must be?) Wait a second..he's joking!Nah, I'm better than yooouuu, nah, nah. Someday I'll figure it out..

Anyone know of a down to earth, non-threatend, open minded, kind, leave the stuck up ego problem in the cage type of individual that likes to have fun? let me know.

They were jokes, not to be taken seriously. Other group couldn't figure it out either. Who's next?

Nice work bill, congrats on europe and spectrum 19.

(show'em your worst and see who follows.Feeding frenzy 101)

bill said...